a book every dieter should have..

Skinny BitchIf there is a single book that every dieter ought to have on their bookshelves it’s this one. This book is chock full if information about the foods you and I eat every day, how they came to be, and what exactly is in them. It gives you labels to look for, shopping lists, meal plans, and more.


It is geared towards converting into Veganism, however, many of my meat loving friends have enjoyed the book and have gotten into better physical shape. Veg*n’s and Omnivores alike should all be interested in knowing what is in the food you eat! Food greatly effects your lifestyle in MANY more ways than people realize from the way you feel to your life-long health. This book is a great starting point.


The book has gotten some bad press by how it’s written.. it’s written from a friend-to-friend perspective.. It isn’t meant to make you feel like a moron or to be rude, you’re not meant to take the book personally, but it is meant to be ‘truthful’. I don’t personally believe you must be a Vegan to be thin, but I do think its much easier when you are. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy or borrow a friends or check it out at the library.


Click here to read some of the pages.

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