Old Navy & Coat shopping.

I know some people who will not shop Old Navy because they only carry their plus sizes online.. I am not one of them. I shop there because its cheap, the clothes are decently well made, and I have never had a problem.. that is, until now.


I didn’t mind shopping online because at 300lbs it was just easier on my self esteem to shop online.. no humiliation from trying on clothes that were light years away from fitting, no stoopid teenagers gawking at me, no smug remarks about how I should join a gym (yeah, like I needed more embarrassment)… and if they didn’t fit, I returned them. No harm done and I got lots of nice clothes with my self esteem in tact. However…… at a size 16/18 I am an XL by Old Navy’s standards. (Yay! I’m out of plus clothes!!) However, this year I decided to buy a winter coat from them… I bought the first week of November. I am STILL waiting. So, finally after our first snow I call their customer service only to be told it was never ordered and they are now sold out. uhm……… WTF!? I ordered via their 1-800 number to make sure they had my size and color preferences in stock. The sales girl took my information and assured me it would come before Thanksgiving. The sales guy I talked to the second time offered to order something else for me.. is he on crack?! I just told him this is my winter coat and I live in MICHIGAN! So, I refused and told him I would purchase elsewhere…


So I run around the city in a tizzy.. amidst all of the holiday shopping… to find a winter coat…. all the while freezing my boobs off. What the hell is wrong with people this year!? Have you seen the coats out there???? After going to about 7 stores and only finding autumn jackets and puff vests (yeah those will keep me warm in MICHIGAN!) where did I end up buying my coat at? Yup, you guessed it. Old Navy.


I guess I am a loyal shopper after all.

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