Plateu Busting

I get a lot of questions about exercise, dieting, and pleauing and I think I usually give pretty sound advice… but I have been frustrated and going back and forth about my own plateu.. so I sat down and thought…

What would I tell someone who came to me with a 6month plateu?

I would tell them to re-evaluate the food they are taking in, start writting down everything they eat, get rid of the sugars, add more water, and do both cardio & weight training.. cardio to burn fat and calories and the weight training to build muscle which will help in the long run by burning calories at rest. Add lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and replaced anything with high sugar or sodium content.

So there you have it… I am taking my own advice. I am getting old school on Core.. I am chaning my work out routine to include 30mins on the elliptical and then a 30min FIRM video.

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