I finally did it!!

For the last year I have tried to run and master my elliptical’s track 3. I was never able to do it. I always thought I was in pretty good shape but I was never really able to run with the high resistance and the quick raise and drop… it just wore me out and I couldn’t breathe. I was never able to run with the target heart rate (high) and so I just gave up and resolved to run on #1 & 2.. or simply use no program at all.

 Well… tonight I started running 10mins on program 1 when I thought.. “eh, what the hell lets give #3 a shot” .. so I did. I was exhausted, I sweat buckets, I listened to 1 track the entire time on my ipod because it was accidently set on repeat.. and what was that song? Britney Spears - Gimmie More.. (yes, yes, I know….) but I did it.

Did you hear me?? I DID IT! I completed track #3 WITH target heart rate. I never thought I could do it.. but I did it!!

 and.. I cried.

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