Grandma’s Ginger Snap Dragons

Snap Dragons

A lot of people think that you have to do without when you are on Core. I can personally tell you that, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Since there is no worry about daily point counting you can eat all core foods for free and indulge in the same goodies that flex people can. As with all ‘diets’ you have goodies in moderation and that is exactly what I like to spend my weekly points on.

This past weekend I made some delicious Vegan Snapdragons from my Grandmother’s recipe. They definately rival Liz Lovely’s cookies! They average out to about 2pts per cookie. I won’t be sharing the recipe (sorry to disapoint..) since it’s a family recipe and the family doesn’t want me to share… but you CAN eat these on Core! :) Once your points are finished you either earn and use your activity points, or you simply stick to Core foods until the next week begins.

Ok, so it’s mean to show you cookies and not leave you with some recipes for low-point goodies.. so have a look here. I hope that makes up for the disapointment of not having Grandma’s cookie recipe.

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