What do Vegans eat? Piña Coladas for Breakfast!


I usually prefer my breakfasts be sweet, satisfying, and really easy to prepare.. after all, who wants to be stumbling around in the kitchen trying to cook a 3 course meal at 7am? My breakfast of choice is a fast smoothie. It makes a lot and its very satisfying. Who wouldn’t want this for breakfast? and the best part? It’s completely CORE!


2 parts Pineapple (frozen is fine)
1 part Milk (I use Soy)
1 tsp Coconut Extract (or 2tsp of those Torini/Divinci Syrups)
1 part Sweetener (Sugar, Splenda, Etc)
1 tsp Vanilla
1 part Ice (if needed)
1 Cherry (for garnish optional)
1 slice Pineapple (for garnish optional)

Blend together well and serve in goblet.
NOTE: Adjust sweetener and coconut flavoring as needed.

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