Most of you must have thought I have fallen off the WW band wagon! Truth is, I haven’t. I have been pretty faithful to WW since spring 2005. Like many of you I stumble and fall off plan from time to time but I never allow that time to stretch beyond a week and that is usually on vacations. You will hear a lot of talk about motivation on the WW boards and from your friends.. but if you rely on motivation to keep your diet going — you will fail. It comes down to accepting the fact that you stumble and fall off plan at times but that doesn’t allow you to give up! If you over eat at lunch, then eat less at dinner, count your points and vow to do better tomorrow … but the fact is, you HAVE to do better tomorrow. The plan works if you follow it - plain and simple.

I have been awful and updating and I know this :( Please don’t think because I don’t write or visit the boards that I have fallen off plan! I made a lifetime commitment to be healthy and that includes getting off the last 50lbs or so! Truth is, I maintain 3 blogs (including this one) and I work and I have a ton of hobbies and a family that keeps me busy!

If you’d like to see where I am spending my time lately.. click these links! All are me! :)


I am going to try and keep you all better informed about how things are going and keep a more faithful logs of my weight loss. I changed scales recently so I am readjusting my weight according to the new scale so the slight gain is due to this :)

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