Vegan Borscht

Being married to a Russian does have its advantages.. like when he makes you Vegan borscht purely because he loves you.. :) It was delicious and I am sad that it’s all gone. :(

Basic borscht recipe according to my husband:
1.) Cook onions on a skillet
2.) Add crushed garlic
3.) Drop diced carrots and cubed tomatoes, cook for a few minutes
4.) Add beets, cook for a minute
5.) Add half a cup of stock, cover and stew until beets semi-soft
6.) Boil stock, and cubed potatoes
7.) After potatoes are boiling, add diced cabbage
8.) After returning to boiling, add beets mixture, tablespoon of tomato paste, season with salt and pepper, add bay leaves, cover and simmer slowly

something like that…

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