how do I stay motivated?

One of the things I am probably asked the most is how do I stay motivated to keep doing what I do.. truth is… I can’t stand the way I looked at over 300lbs.. I couldn’t breathe, I was exhausted ALL of the time, I caught every cold or flu bug that passed through the air, and I felt horribly both mentally and physically….. since I have changed my diet and added exercise my life has totally transformed. I can keep up with my 160lb husband during long walks, I can do almost anything a skinny girl can do and then some!


I continue doing what it is that I do only because I NEVER want to be that 300lb girl again. I know what its like to be the one people point at and snicker, the ones who are forgotten or over looked, and what its like to be some peoples worst nightmare.. that may sound grim, but lets face it, society places some pretty big importance on body size. It was humiliating, depressing, and at most — unhealthy. I LOOKED unhealthy.. I can never let myself go back to being that person — THAT would be my worst nightmare. I wish I could tell people how much better I feel emotionally and physically…… but I don’t have the words to describe how different it is. The before and after in my life are like night and day… I couldn’t be the person I am now without being the person I was… and I couldn’t value my life as much as I do now without having lived the way I did…


If you are struggling with your diet plans.. think about this for a moment.. why did you decide to lose weight to begin with? Have you noticed any changes in your body, mind, and spirit since you have lost even 5lbs? How did losing that weight make you feel? and what did regaining it feel like? I’d reckon you would have some pretty emotional answers to all of those questions right? Remind yourself on a daily basis about those things.. and then make a plan for your life. If your dealing with diet sabotagers, you MUST learn to face them to succeed… simply tell them that they are not helping you by continuing their behavior and thank them for trying, and THEN make a plan for how they can help you if they want to be supportive. Last but not least, you MUST realize that this is something you will have to continue to face through the rest of your life.. once you make true peace with that.. the weight will come off, I promise you! :)

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