holiday gains..

Well.. that wasn’t such a hot idea! After facing the gain from Christmas, I think I have gotten myself back on track. Liz and I start a new challenge on Sunday… I hope that will keep me motivated and exercising to drop that last 30lbs! Since I just uploaded the new progress pics from Christmas.. I could definitely see how bloated I was (and wearing my fat pants!).. truth is, I am LUCKY I got away with only 5lbs! When I came home my scales tipped at +12lbs! I couldn’t believe it, but I even have photographic proof of how ‘different’ I looked.. ugh!


I am really excited to start our challenge.. I seem to do really well when I have some kind of competition or reasons for working hard. I did flex for awhile.. I know a lot of flexers love their plan.. but I hate it. I hate not really being able to actually COOK meals without having to save all the contents and run it through the recipe builder to get the points per serving and all that… it just isn’t a plan I could live with for a life time.. Core on the other hand, is. So… here I am.. back to core, taking the holiday weight off.. feeling MUCH better! My home scale says I now only have 1lb left of the holiday gain! I hope to pull that off by WI this weekend! :)

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