Daddy’s in Heaven. March 13, 1954 - June 9, 2007

Some of you may have noticed a lack of updates on my website through the month of June. It’s with my deepest regret that I must say my absence is due to the loss of my father. He passed away on June 9th and the long difficult month of June has had its highs and lows and has sent my life into an emotional tailspin. I have some how managed to keep my weight the same, my exercise routines are fluctuating but still consistently 3-5 days per week depending upon my stress level.


I will not use my suffering to let myself eat my way into oblivion.. I am trying to keep a strict eating routine of fresh greens, fruits, and limited dairy and natural sugars. This combined with the water and exercise, I should find myself feeling back to ‘normal’ soon.. or at least this is my plan.


It is my hope you all will still find the comfort, support, and encouragement you seek within my website during the difficult months ahead for me.. please bare with me if the updates are few and far between.

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