Vegan Breakfast

Juice & Shredded Wheat w/ Strawberries.

Vegan mug & bowl from VeganDish.
Charming Kitty iPod sock (white video iPod inside) & Hello Kitty speakers.

I own around 20 pieces of VeganDish & Vessels and Wares and I love each and every single piece.. but so far… these are my favorites! :) Seriously! Buy her stuff!

WW: Core / Flex: 4pts

Back to Flex

I am determined to lose these last 60 pounds. So! I am back on flex. I am no longer doing the ‘new’ plan because it seems the new adjusted point values are just far too high for my body. I don’t lose and a lot of the time I gain! so, I am going back to 2005 flex. My plan is to switch back to core when I get close to goal and to maintain that way. Meanwhile, watching what I eat and trying to make healthy choices are still at the top of my list. I am a bit discouraged that my body just isn’t cooperating with me in the past year but I have to remind myself that I have already come a long way.. and focus on 1 pound at a time.

Vegan Chai “Cheese” Cake

Recipe is from My Sweet Vegan. Testing my hand at some food photography. I’m not so impressed with this pic but the recipe is awesome!.

Click to view larger.

Vegan Strawberry Blondies

Butterscotch Blondies recipe is from My Sweet Vegan. Testing my hand at some food photography.

Click to view larger.

I can’t decide which photo I like better..


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Vegan Thai Bento

Bottom: Rice w/ Cilantro Leaf
Top: VWAV (Vegan with a Vengeance) Green Thai Curry w/ Cilantro Leaf
Side: Organic Applesauce
Cup: Coconut Chai

Quite possibly my worst bento pic ever! Sorry, I was rushed.
Note to self: Cilantro leaves don’t look so pretty after being packaged. :(
WW: 8pts

Vegan Monoku Ro Boo Bento

This bento holds a lot of food so I only use it when I am packing for two or using it for 2 meals. This was my breakfast & lunch. :)

Top: Vegan chili
Side: PB&J Sandwich
Bottom: Pineapple
Side: Clementine orange

WW: approx. 9pts

Vegan Carebears Bento

Main Dish: Vegan Thai spicy peanut noodles w/ faux chick’n & corn.
Side: Pineapple chunks & blue berries.
Cup: Water.

WW: approx. 8pts.

Vegetarian Lucky Stars Bento

Mini star sandwiches (pb&j & veg bologna & cheese), Doritos (nacho cheese), mandarin orange wedges, blue berry applesauce, and Dum-Dums sucker (mystery flavor / root beer).

WW: 5.5pts

Big Bird Bento

Top: Mini-chocolate chip cookies, pomegranate, cinnamon squares, raisins.
Bottom: Bread square, faux-chick’n patty, faux-cheese, faux-mayo, ketchup, nori, green beans.
Side: Coca-Cola cherry zero.

WW: 4.5pts

Lunch Packing Tips..

Since I started using Bento boxes for lunch and dinners, I have gotten a lot of questions about them.. everything from portion control to how do I pack them.. I will try to address all of those questions here in one post.

Lunch box & Bento Care:
1.) Bento boxes as well as most painted lunch boxes should never be put into the dish washer. Wash by hand with a gentle non-abrasive soap.
2.) Most Bento boxes are microwavable but the lids are usually not. If you are unsure about your box, its best to use it with foods that do not need to be reheated.
3.) Lots of Bento’s come with a matching bag to carry your lunch in.. these bags do not need washed very often unless you spill something on them or carry dirty silverware in them. Should you need to wash your bag, I suggest doing it by hand in cool water with a mild soap and wash the bag inside out.. this will keep your colors from fading and bleeding.
4.) Should you use something that contains a lot of oil, you may need to add some extra soap into that part of your bento and spread it around with your hand and rinse to completely remove the oily texture.

Q: Bentos look too small to keep me satisfied… how much food do they hold?
A: Bentos come in all sorts of shapes and sizes ranging from the minuscule to the over indulgent. The average 2 tier bento will usually hold as much as 1 dinner plate. You can also buy side cars for other snacks.

Q: I like portion control that bentos offer but how do I choose the right one for me?
A: The first step in finding the proper bento is to assess your appetite and nutritional needs.. usually a 2 tier bento and 1 side car is more than enough food for the average adult. If your appetite is small a 1 tier bento with a removable divider is a great option. The next step is finding the bento design that you love. :) I like the ones with the matching bags because its a perfect place to carry my bottled water.

Q: What should I pack in my bento & how do I pack it?
A: You can pack anything you like in your bento.. I try to pack a healthy assortment of foods. The key to keeping your foods from moving around is to stuff your bento full. This will keep foods from moving around and mixing together when traveling. If you do not have access to a fridge or microwave pack your foods accordingly or pick up an ice pack to keep perishable items cold.

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