Spongebob Bento

Top: Vcon’s spinach linguine w/ basil-cilantro pesto & artichokes.
Bottom: Fresh pepper salad.
Side: Dates & Corn

Crusted Tempeh & Mole Bento

Bento: Vcon’s Chile Cornmeal-Crusted Tempeh (sub. for tofu) & Green Pumpkin-Seed Mole.
Side: Applesauce & Lime wedges.

Garden Bear Bento

Top: 1/2 Italian pepper sandwich.
Bottom: Chix satay w/ peanut sauce.
Side: Soy lime yogurt.

Piggy Bento - #12

Main: Whole Wheat Pasta & Pesto w/ Italian Bread Crumbs.
Side: Corn & Soy Butter.

WW: Core + 1pt (Bread Crumbs)

Becareful with ZYRTEC = ITCHING!


Something this drug maker fails to release to the public… which I am now going through.. symptoms include:

- Weight Gain
- Fatigue
- Lethargy
- Nausea
- Red Welts (though very few)
- Itching




I’m on day 6 of the itching… think of flea/mosquito bites all over your body.. or the chicken pox… fun, no? I have also lost almost 2 full pounds since stopping the Zyrtec which is amazing because I haven’t lost so much as a pound since June of 2007!!! So if you know anyone taking this drug or considering doing so…. please educate them about the possible side effects. I’m angry I was never warned. Even if this only effects 1 in every 1000 that is still a LOT of people who will have this problem.. and YOU could be one of them.


If you suffer from this, DO NOT take another anti-histamine.. it will prolong the itching effects.. instead deal with it by using mentholated lotions and creams. Some people say Vicks-Vapo-Rub helps.


Those of  you who have been following my weight loss story, will know that I have been maintaining my weight for almost a year now.. after being oThose of  you who have been following my weight loss story, will know that I have been maintaining my weight for almost a year now.. after being off the Zyrtec even just a week, I have already lost almost 2 full pounds. You will never convince me that it was anything other than the Zyrtec holding me back.

Photography & Model Contracts (Important!)

I have been putting off making my professional portfolio for quite some time.. I was never quite sure if I wanted to actually take the steps into turning my hobby into a profession… I have finally decided that, yes, I do. It wasn’t until I heard my husband saying quite a few of his co-workers are interested in seeing my portfolio when asked for examples — I had none!

So, this is my first step in actually becoming a certified professional. What does this mean? I will no longer shoot events without signing a model release. This basically just means that any photograph I shoot, I may be able to use in my portfolio. Nothing more and nothing less. :)

My online portfolio will be availible for vewing soon. I have 2 shooting locations, Downriver, MI and Western, MI areas. Photographs by appointment only.

What do Vegans eat? Piña Coladas for Breakfast!


I usually prefer my breakfasts be sweet, satisfying, and really easy to prepare.. after all, who wants to be stumbling around in the kitchen trying to cook a 3 course meal at 7am? My breakfast of choice is a fast smoothie. It makes a lot and its very satisfying. Who wouldn’t want this for breakfast? and the best part? It’s completely CORE!


2 parts Pineapple (frozen is fine)
1 part Milk (I use Soy)
1 tsp Coconut Extract (or 2tsp of those Torini/Divinci Syrups)
1 part Sweetener (Sugar, Splenda, Etc)
1 tsp Vanilla
1 part Ice (if needed)
1 Cherry (for garnish optional)
1 slice Pineapple (for garnish optional)

Blend together well and serve in goblet.
NOTE: Adjust sweetener and coconut flavoring as needed.

Grandma’s Ginger Snap Dragons

Snap Dragons

A lot of people think that you have to do without when you are on Core. I can personally tell you that, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Since there is no worry about daily point counting you can eat all core foods for free and indulge in the same goodies that flex people can. As with all ‘diets’ you have goodies in moderation and that is exactly what I like to spend my weekly points on.

This past weekend I made some delicious Vegan Snapdragons from my Grandmother’s recipe. They definately rival Liz Lovely’s cookies! They average out to about 2pts per cookie. I won’t be sharing the recipe (sorry to disapoint..) since it’s a family recipe and the family doesn’t want me to share… but you CAN eat these on Core! :) Once your points are finished you either earn and use your activity points, or you simply stick to Core foods until the next week begins.

Ok, so it’s mean to show you cookies and not leave you with some recipes for low-point goodies.. so have a look here. I hope that makes up for the disapointment of not having Grandma’s cookie recipe.

Valentine’s Day Bento Lunch


The most common question I recieve about bento lunches are “do they help you with portion control?” the answer is absolutely. They are compact lunch boxes but they do hold enough food to keep you satisfied and they also encourage me to eat healthier. Here is an average size lunch. Top: Peanut butter & Agave sandwich on whole wheat bread. Beet burger with hot sauce. Bottom: Applesauce with cinnamon. Grapes. 1 liter bottle of Aquafina. While this lunch may not be all Core, it’s a good assessment of how a healthy lunch can still be pretty and filling at the same time.

Shizuku Chan Bento #11

Yay!! My new bento came today!!

Top: Blue & Pink colored brown rice. Mayo cup holding spices & fish shaped soy sauce bottle.
Bottom: Grilled chixs panini from Skinny Bitch in the Kitch.
Side: Whole wheat bread stars, flower shaped rice-cheese faces with nori. Corn.
Cup: Blueberry herbal tea.

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