Tell me again that fat discrimination doesn’t exist?

First of all.. let me just say that I don’t believe for a second this will ever pass.. however, for those of you that think that over weight people aren’t picked on, harassed, or discriminated against — you’re wrong… so very, very, very wrong. If you’re one of the morons laughing amongst yourself at the fat girl eating at the end of your lunchroom table — grow up. Now… let me ask you, does YOUR body mass index say YOU aren’t over weight? Think again…. most people’s BMI are overweight. Then read this carefully…


Tell me again that fat discrimination doesn’t exist?

From Sandy at JunkFood Science:

It has actually happened. Lawmakers have proposed legislation that forbids restaurants and food establishments from serving food to anyone who is obese (as defined by the State). Under this bill, food establishments are to be monitored for compliance under the State Department of Health and violators will have their business permits revoked.

House Bill 282 was introduced in the 2008 Mississippi legislative session on Friday by Representative W.T. Mayhall, Jr., a retired pharmaceutical salesman with DuPont-Merk. Its co-authors are Bobby Shows, a businessman, and John Read, a pharmacist.
Emphasis mine. Also note that the people who penned the damn thing are in a position to benefit from its repercussions, given that “Prescriptions for obesity drugs in 2006 were more than eight times the number prescribed in 1999“.

In the immortal words of, well, me-just-now: “You’ve got to be fucking shitting me.” In more eloquent terms, i think Meowser said it best:
However, I will say that fat hate is one of the last forms of prejudice in which even most people who are subjected to it think they are getting exactly what they deserve.
So for all of you reading this, i want you to ask yourself: should the way you look affect whether or not you’re allowed to eat in public places? Think carefully before you answer that.

ETA: The address to write in protest is that of Rep. Mayhall, and it’s Thanks to The Rotund for that bit of info.

It is illegal to force someone to get on a scale in public, but that didn’t stop Northwest Airlines from trying to force anyone they considered overweight to buy 2 seats on their airlines. Last time I checked, they were in trouble and ticket sales weren’t too hot, I think most local resturants would object highly… most of America is over weight, what would THAT do their businesses?


So let me say this again… are YOU too fat to eat in public? what about your mother? your sister? your aunt? your child? or your spouce? and how does it make you feel that your tax dollars are funding these stupid, pointless, bills? I for one would rather my tax dollars fund a bill that promotes something positive like forcing resturants to provide nutrition information on their menus and forcing them to offer healthy solutions.




I’ve been asked to write a review on the cookbook Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero. One of the things I feared most about turning Vegan is that I would have to give up some of my favorite foods and most of the items wouldn’t be Core. This is not so. When I found Veganomicon, I read the line “most foods are made with staples in your pantry” and that caught my eye. Though the trend of hardly any photographs in cookbooks are becoming quite common, this book has a few in the middle, and from what I have tried — every recipe is a winner.


tempeh & broccoli rabe


Spicy Tempeh & Broccoli Rabe was among my favorites in the book. I knew as soon as I saw the photo that I wanted to try this recipe first. It was made to taste like an Italian sausage & pasta dish. It was both delicious and totally Core. The bitterness of the broccoli rabe (if you don’t care for broccoli rabe, you can just sub. regular broccoli) and the tart taste of the tempeh paired with the mild gentleness of the pasta was really a wonderful, magical explosion in my mouth.




Seitan is either a hit or a miss.. some of the recipes are too soggy or too chewy.. there is seldom a fail-proof way to make seitan edible yourself — especially for the first time cook. This recipe for a simple homemade seitan was fail proof and easy! I topped mine with some brown gravy (pts) and used corn and a side salad to marry the flavors. The seitan was wonderful! Not too chewy, not too tough, crispy on the outside, and tender enough to cut with a knife and fork.


Some of the recipes in this book require some tweaking to make them Core but this is easily done with very little work needed and those recipes that aren’t come in very low in points for the Core user. So the bottom line is this.. if you are looking for a delicious Vegan or nearly completely Core cookbook.. this is for you! Every food is mouth-watering.. every recipe delicious. You won’t go wrong with Veganomicon.


5 Stars!

Lots of questions about bento boxes!


A few people have asked me why I chose to use bento boxes for my lunch.. the answer is simple — portion control. A lot of people are afraid of Core because they think they will over eat or that its too restrictive.. truth being that neither of those are actually true. I have never been a volume eater so Core works well for me, but if you are a volume eater, then bento boxes, laptop lunches, or other pre-portioned plate settings might just be your answer to weight loss!

I started realizing that though I was eating well and very balanced meals, I just wasn’t getting enough variety of foods because I am the only Vegan (or even Vegetarian) in my household. So, day in and day out I usually ate leftovers… while left overs are great, its not all that exciting…. then enters bento boxes. I use them for 2 reasons… first being portion control, the second being that they can make a really adorable lunch or dinner. They come in all kinds of versions, boxes (like the ones I have), cups, and even 1 layer dishes. They are not all as girly or cutesy as the ones I like, they even make Mr. Bento’s for men.

Bento Q & A:
Q: What are bento boxes?
A: Bento boxes are Asian lunch boxes. The cute ones that I collect are actually children’s lunch boxes and most are made by the Sanrio company. They come in many designs, shapes, and sizes. Most common are the two tiered kind. They have two fillable levels, that serve as your dinner set. Most come with chopsticks but some sets come with a matching fork and spoon set. Some come with carrying bags making transport easy. Two-Three tiered bento boxes will most often come with what is called a ‘bento belt’ to keep your boxes from separating or spilling. They really are a necessity for the stackable kids. If you don’t want to mess with the stackable ones, you can purchase the nesting boxes or the larger 1 tier box. The nesting boxes come with several different sized boxes that all fit into one another when your storing or finished eating.

Q: They look really small.. I think I would be starving by dinner time! Do they really hold enough food?
A: The average size of a 2 tier bento box is about 4″ x 6″ x 3″ (deep). The one tier boxes are generally bigger. They hold the correct amount of food that you should be eating at one meal. They will really hold about 2-4c worth of food. What you fill them with is generally what will keep you full, not how much you eat. Brown rice is more filling than white rice, veggies and fruit are more filling than candy and snacks. However, if you truly find that your bento cannot satisfy your appetite, you can add a side car to your bentos. I frequently add one to mine for fruits, yogurt, or sweets.

The bento box in the photo above is a rather small, compact bento.. but it held enough food for me at lunch and I still had left overs for dinner.

Q: Where do you buy them?
A: Some local Asian stores will have them but I haven’t found any in mine, so I purchase from ebay, jlist, and jbox. Target carries ‘laptop lunches’.. while they are similar to bento’s they aren’t quite the same thing, but will work just as well. Some people say that tupperwear and rubbermaid has dishes much like bentos, but I haven’t purchased any so there is nothing I can recommend, but basically any small container will work.

Q: What should I put in a bento box?
A: Any food that you like. There is no right or wrong way to make a bento lunch. If you are looking to use them for children, you might want to use your cookie cutters to make cute shapes and use food safe dyes for coloring. If you looking for ideas on how to make a quick, easy lunch, you might check out bentotv or veganlunchbox.

Q: How do you use your bentos? & are they microwave safe?
A: I use them basically for lunch and dinner plates. I also take mine with me for trips and vacations, or picnics in the park… basically anywhere you would need to bring or pack food. I find that the convenience of having a carrying bag to keep all of the food items in one small place is much easier and makes for less fuss when traveling. I also find it takes me less time to prepare meals now because I can make several bentos at once and store them in the fridge then all I have to do is just grab one and go. :) You will have to check your bento label to see if they are microwave safe, but most of them are.. just remove the lids because those generally are not.

Q: How do you clean and store them?
A: While some of them say that they are dishwasher safe, I wash mine by hand. The paint could come off of your boxes if you scrub too hard or use too much heat on them. I just simply wash them the way you would any other plate or cup. Once they are dry, you will find that most of the 2 tier boxes will have a smaller tier, this usually fits inside the larger, deeper level and then you can put the lid on and store it in its bag or in a shelf. They take up less space this way. To wash the bags, you can machine wash, but I also do this by hand.. the bags will last longer this way.

Monday’s lunch & new bento box!



Trying to remember to photograph my lunch before I start nibbling is proving to be quite the challenge! So here’s Monday’s. :-) My brand new bento box! more of a fast packed, practical lunch today rather than a cutsie one..

Top: Vegan chix stir fry with a fish shaped soy sauce bottle, and a vegan browine.
Bottom: Brown rice & Vegan Russian potato salad.
Side: Clementine orange slices.

I plan to use bento boxes from now on since the portion sizes are perfect.. no over eating :-) Lunch was CORE + 2pts

I finally did it!!

For the last year I have tried to run and master my elliptical’s track 3. I was never able to do it. I always thought I was in pretty good shape but I was never really able to run with the high resistance and the quick raise and drop… it just wore me out and I couldn’t breathe. I was never able to run with the target heart rate (high) and so I just gave up and resolved to run on #1 & 2.. or simply use no program at all.

 Well… tonight I started running 10mins on program 1 when I thought.. “eh, what the hell lets give #3 a shot” .. so I did. I was exhausted, I sweat buckets, I listened to 1 track the entire time on my ipod because it was accidently set on repeat.. and what was that song? Britney Spears - Gimmie More.. (yes, yes, I know….) but I did it.

Did you hear me?? I DID IT! I completed track #3 WITH target heart rate. I never thought I could do it.. but I did it!!

 and.. I cried.

Plateu Busting

I get a lot of questions about exercise, dieting, and pleauing and I think I usually give pretty sound advice… but I have been frustrated and going back and forth about my own plateu.. so I sat down and thought…

What would I tell someone who came to me with a 6month plateu?

I would tell them to re-evaluate the food they are taking in, start writting down everything they eat, get rid of the sugars, add more water, and do both cardio & weight training.. cardio to burn fat and calories and the weight training to build muscle which will help in the long run by burning calories at rest. Add lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and replaced anything with high sugar or sodium content.

So there you have it… I am taking my own advice. I am getting old school on Core.. I am chaning my work out routine to include 30mins on the elliptical and then a 30min FIRM video.

Old Navy & Coat shopping.

I know some people who will not shop Old Navy because they only carry their plus sizes online.. I am not one of them. I shop there because its cheap, the clothes are decently well made, and I have never had a problem.. that is, until now.


I didn’t mind shopping online because at 300lbs it was just easier on my self esteem to shop online.. no humiliation from trying on clothes that were light years away from fitting, no stoopid teenagers gawking at me, no smug remarks about how I should join a gym (yeah, like I needed more embarrassment)… and if they didn’t fit, I returned them. No harm done and I got lots of nice clothes with my self esteem in tact. However…… at a size 16/18 I am an XL by Old Navy’s standards. (Yay! I’m out of plus clothes!!) However, this year I decided to buy a winter coat from them… I bought the first week of November. I am STILL waiting. So, finally after our first snow I call their customer service only to be told it was never ordered and they are now sold out. uhm……… WTF!? I ordered via their 1-800 number to make sure they had my size and color preferences in stock. The sales girl took my information and assured me it would come before Thanksgiving. The sales guy I talked to the second time offered to order something else for me.. is he on crack?! I just told him this is my winter coat and I live in MICHIGAN! So, I refused and told him I would purchase elsewhere…


So I run around the city in a tizzy.. amidst all of the holiday shopping… to find a winter coat…. all the while freezing my boobs off. What the hell is wrong with people this year!? Have you seen the coats out there???? After going to about 7 stores and only finding autumn jackets and puff vests (yeah those will keep me warm in MICHIGAN!) where did I end up buying my coat at? Yup, you guessed it. Old Navy.


I guess I am a loyal shopper after all.

New Site!

Some of you have commented on the lack of updates on my website.. this is not due to me falling off the wagon but rather due to a time consuming effort to change the website. When I started the site, I had no idea how big it would become nor how many pages it would inevitibly create and I needed something to manage the content. So, here you have it. Easy for me to use, faster for you to load and easier to navigate, AND!! more importanly, you can customize how you view my site. Click on the themes and view using your favorite!


You can now comment on blog entries rather than email me questions or comments, and I now have an RSS feed in which will keep you notifed when I update the site. This will also keep track of all the journal entries and none should ever be lost. This way you can read the old as well as the new, and should something on my hard drive accidently be deleted, it will no longer effect the site function. I hope you enjoy the changes I have made and will continue to find comfort and support within the walls of this webspace. :)

a book every dieter should have..

Skinny BitchIf there is a single book that every dieter ought to have on their bookshelves it’s this one. This book is chock full if information about the foods you and I eat every day, how they came to be, and what exactly is in them. It gives you labels to look for, shopping lists, meal plans, and more.


It is geared towards converting into Veganism, however, many of my meat loving friends have enjoyed the book and have gotten into better physical shape. Veg*n’s and Omnivores alike should all be interested in knowing what is in the food you eat! Food greatly effects your lifestyle in MANY more ways than people realize from the way you feel to your life-long health. This book is a great starting point.


The book has gotten some bad press by how it’s written.. it’s written from a friend-to-friend perspective.. It isn’t meant to make you feel like a moron or to be rude, you’re not meant to take the book personally, but it is meant to be ‘truthful’. I don’t personally believe you must be a Vegan to be thin, but I do think its much easier when you are. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy or borrow a friends or check it out at the library.


Click here to read some of the pages.

Sushi for Two

Vegan SushiVegan Sushi

For the first time in my life I had sushi. Vegetable sushi. And I liked it! I liked it so well we decided to buy the ingredients and make our own at home from scratch! It took a great deal of time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears but we finally got it finished and had our glorious dinner at 10:30pm. Our meal consisted of vegetable sushi rolls, miso soup, and green tea. We used a modified recipe you can find here.

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